2 NOV 2021



At Grup Viñas, quality is the most important thing and that has always been our compromise with the clients. Our company takes care and guarantee animal wellness from a 100% vegetable diet based on cereals. In this phase, the heat stress effect is studied and strategies to reduce the temperature on farms are evaluated. Our cattle are fattened in national farms, where animal wellness is ensured during fattening.

We are careful with animal transportation; the process begins when the cattle leave the farms until it arrives at the abattoir. At this point, very careful slaughter techniques are used to further ensure the wellness of the animal. The effect of pre-slaughter waiting time on long- and short-term transports and how this phase affects each breed.

Finally, in the traceability room, the meat is labelled with the product history including all the information about the production, storage, and distribution process. The aim is to improve its quality and to be able to quickly locate the origin of the problems that may arise.

That is how Grup Viñas gathers several certificates, awarded for this careful method of work.