16 NOV 2021



Grup Viñas has the Halal certificate.

In 1998 the Halal certificate was given to Grup Viñas. The Halal certificate is a document issued by a big competent organism that certifies that a concrete product or service has the requirements that Islamic Law (Sharia) establish for its consumption.

The certification process of the Institute guarantees the complete traceability of the food chain, from the farms until the plate. It not only covers the verification of the ingredients, but it includes the production process too, the hygiene, the manipulation, the packaging material, the storage, the transportation, and the distribution.

The Halal certification is a trusted tool and, for that reason, its concession to industries and establishments is carried out according to a scheme established by regulations, following Halal regulation as a reference. The products are subjected to audits, supervisions, analyses, and other mechanisms of control and vigilance.