14 DES 2021



Grup Viñas has had the Ecological Certification since 2015. The Ecological Certification guarantee that the products have been produced or elaborated following the ecological agriculture rules, and has been controlled during its production, elaboration, packaged and commercialization process. The ecological animal products come from cattle raising that provides dignified life to the cattle and the flock, with respect for their biological and behavioral needs: - The feeding of the cattle is carried out with ecological products. - The herbivorous animals have access to the pastures, and the birds and pigs, to the yards. - The animal houses have a minimum surface area that allows the entry of abundant natural light and are perfectly ventilated. - The health is based on the selection of suitable breeds, good zootechnical practices, adequate density, and high-quality feed. Antibiotics as a preventive treatment are not authorized. For the commercialization of the food products with the indications of Ecological Agriculture, Organic or Biological, the operators of the entire food chain - primary producers, processors and distributors - must comply with the previous points. This compliance by the operators must be controlled and certified by approved control bodies.