9 AGOST 2022



The automation of industrial processes has become a necessity and not only an option in many companies. At Grup Viñas we have chosen to automate and mechanise labelling, converting tasks that used to be done manually into processes executed by machines with different levels of autonomy.

In this way, we have achieved great advantages such as:

- Productivity increase. One of the benefits of automated equipment is its ability to work at a high speed, which translates into improved productivity.

- Work safety increase. The automation and industrial control of certain processes bring facilities and better work conditions. For example, avoiding the lifting of excessive weights or fewer counterproductive movements.

- Efficiency increase. Efficiency is one of the keys to competitiveness and that is why companies put efforts to achieve maximum efficiency in all their processes.

- Lower production costs. Automation results in lower production costs and a more positive ROI.

- Process quality increase. Accuracy, quality and safety are ensured, resulting in a reduction of errors in traceability and calibration as well as labelling. Therefore, we get more speed in the process without accumulations and a more continuous system.