24 MAR 2022

Grup Viñas inaugurates a wastewater treatment plant in Vic


Grup Viñas, dedicated to beef production, has completed the investment in the construction of a treatment plant to treat wastewater from its own slaughterhouse, located in the Illa Cárnica in Vic.

The technology used in the treatment consists of a complete physical-chemical and biological treatment and a tertiary treatment of ultrafiltration membranes, with a treatment capacity of 500 m3/day of wastewater.

It uses the Best Available Techniques (BAT's) according to the European Directives in the environmental field, such as the use of hybrid blowers, high-performance water-air diffusers with minimum maintenance, ultrafiltration membranes, and a sludge dewatering screw, allowing for wastewater treatment optimization with minimal energy cost.

The discharge parameters obtained are much better than those required by current regulations, which would make it possible to consider discharge into public watercourses and/or the possibility of reusing the treated water in certain areas of the activity itself.

2 million euros were invested in the project.

Grup Viñas remains committed to continuous improvement in environmental protection and to achieving the decarbonization objectives established in the framework of the European Green Pact for the period 2030-2050.

The company already generates 10% of renewable energy for self-consumption through solar panels. Future projects include the use of the different waste and by-products generated by the entire agro-industrial activity to generate energy. In this way, the aim is to achieve the objective of a neutral environmental footprint and zero carbon emissions for the Meat Group.