10 Agost

Grup Viñas participated in the WOFEX exhibition in the Philippines with the aim of consolidating and increasing its exports


The WOFEX exhibition took place from August 2 to 5 in the Philippines.

Since the opening of the Philippine market in 2020, it has become one of the main buyers of beef from Spain. In only three years, and with figures already exceeding 5,000 tons per year, Spain has become the EU's main supplier and is in the top ten of world suppliers.

Taking advantage of Provacuno's participation in the WOFEX exhibition in the Philippines, promotional activities were organized to consolidate and increase exports to this important country.

In the day, business contacts increased between Filipino buyers and representatives of Spanish companies to promote exports.

Provacuno and a broad representation of Spanish companies with interests in the Philippine market presented the distinctive characteristics of Spanish meat: tenderness, juiciness, mild flavor, and low-fat content.

This is how Spanish beef has become better known during the WOFEX exhibition in the Philippine market, which has appreciated this product since its opening.

The day has finalized with the tasting of beef as the protagonist.